One of the main advantages of living in a residence hall is the variety of support that is available to help you have a successful transition to college.

Community Directors (CDs) & Student Resident Assistants (RAs)

In each residence hall we have a professional Community Director who manages the hall with the help of our RAs. RAs are students assigned to every floor and/or wing of a hall that are hired and extensively trained to support the transition to college life. They can answer questions, offer resources, oversee policy or can just be there to listen.

Academic Success

Academics is the reason you at the UA and we want to make sure you succeed by offering a variety of tools, videos and assistance.

Student Assistance Team

The Residence Life Student Assistance Team is a program supported by Residence Life, the Dean of Students Office and Campus Health to help students manage crises, life traumas and other barriers that may impede their success at the UA. Here are more details.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are a top priority for our residence halls. The UA and Residence Life support a number of programs to enhance these priorities. Here is more information.