Move-Out Information

Move-Out Information




  • You must check-out 24 hours after your last exam.
  • If you need more time for academic purposes, pick up an Extended Check-Out request from the front desk and submit in writing to your CD by May 3rd.
  • Attend your RA floor meeting to find out how to properly sign up for a check-out appointment in your hall.
  • Sign up for a check-out time at least 48 hours before your appointment
  • Complete the check-out to-do list before your scheduled time.
  • Check-out at your assigned time, which includes signing your Room Condition Report and returning your keys.


Fully defrost your fridge two days prior to leaving. Unplug the refrigerator, take out all food and completely clean and dry the fridge, freezer and microwave, including seals and all surfaces.


  • Citations for illegal parking (e.g. parking in a handicap space without a permit, double parking, etc.) will be enforced.
  • Parking & Transportation Services and Residence Life will not be responsible if you leave items unattended.

Historic District

Gila, Maricopa & Yuma

  • Metered spaces on James E. Rodgers Way
  • Service Drive (behind Gila, Maricopa and Yuma)


  • First Street near Pima House

  • Meters in the MLK Center Lot 3141


  • Lot 5075 (across South Campus Drive, northeast of Cochise

  • Lot 5073 (west side of Cochise)

Coconino & Manzanita-Mohave

  • Olive Road (east side of Coconino)

  • Lot 3038 (south side of Manzanita-Mohave and Sloanaker House)

Rawls/Eller Lodge

  • Lot 4121 (lot connected to Rawls/Eller)

  • Metered spaces on First Street from Campbell to Warren


  • Lot 2032 (lot connected to Babcock)


  • South Campus Drive east curb beyond bollards exiting to University at Old Main South

Park District

Arizona-Sonora and Arbol de la Vida

  • Lot 5072 (behind Arizona-Sonora and across Tyndall Ave., east of Arbol de la Vida)


  • Lot 5066 (west of Kaibab-Huachuca)

  • Lot 5242 (on Tyndall Ave., west of PSU)

  • Lot 5162 (circle east of Coronado and La Aldea)


  • Lot 5067 (north of Kaibab-Huachuca)

  • Lot 5066 (west of Kaibab-Huachuca) 

Highland District

Villa del Puente, Posada San Pedro, Pueblo de la Cienega

  • Highland Bowl

Hopi and Graham-Greenlee*

  • Metered lot 6088

Apache-Santa Cruz, Colonia de la Paz, Likins*

  • Lot 6090

  • Lot 6092

Navajo-Pinal (Stadium)*

  • Lot 6092 (west part of stadium)

*Commencement activities will take place on Friday, May 12 and will result in traffic closures. If possible, please move-out before 12 noon on Friday to avoid restrictions.