Here are brief outlines of our processes. More detailed information can be found in your student housing portal, My UAHome (a UA NetID and password is required to access it).

Housing Process
Types of Housing
Summer Housing
Other Housing Accommodations


Application Dates

Type of Application Details Application Opens Application Closes
Academic year
Residence Hall September When full
Spring semester only
Residence Hall November When full
Winter Housing Specific Residence Halls
open during winter break
Part of housing application  
Summer Housing Specific Residence Hall
open for summer school
February 1 When full


Housing Process

Assignment Process, Student Picks

Our housing system allows you to select your hall and room (based on availability), if you apply for housing by April 1. This process starts in mid-May based on your completed housing application date, with an email invite sent to your UA email. View the Room Selection video to help guide you through the process.

Assignment Process, Housing Picks

If you apply for housing after April 1 you will select 5-10 residence hall preferences during your application process. Once the Student Picks group has selected their hall/room(s), Residence Life will start to assign preferences. This will typically start July and will continue through the summer.

Reassign Process

Students who have picked a hall/room can go back into My UAHome and move themselves to another hall/room in real time, based on availability. This process is only open for a limited time and will close July 1.

License Agreement

Before you can be assigned a room you must complete the License Agreement, which is our housing contract.

Rent Down Payment

Before you can be assigned a room you must pay the $200 Rent Down Payment, which is applied to the first semester’s rent. 

Payment Plan options

Residence Life bills your bursar account 60% of your yearly rent just before school starts in the fall and the balance 40% in December for the spring semester. There are additional payment options available. You can opt-in to participate in a payment plan after you complete your pre-arrival Online Check-In. Visit My UAHome for more information.


Here are the detailed information about roommate options. 

Waiting List

Once we are full, we will go to a waiting list. Students who sign up on the waiting list are encouraged to look for housing off-campus, as we typically don’t take many, if any, students from the waiting list. Contact our Off-Campus Housing office to help you find housing. If bed spaces do open up on campus, we will contact you through your UA email. 

Buy out Vacant Space

During the academic year students may move rooms and leave campus housing. This may create a unoccupied (vacant) space in a room. The current occupant of the room has the ability to buy out the vacant space so that the room becomes a single for the remainder of the academic year. Contact Residence Life for more information.

Contract Termination

Terminating your housing contract is not an easy thing to do. The housing contract you signed is for the academic year. Please read through your License Agreement for factors and penalties and contact Residence Life for more information.

As detailed in section 10 of the Undergraduate Housing License Agreement, you will be released from the academic year rent commitment only under the following circumstances (does NOT apply if you are evicted from campus housing for conduct-related reasons):

  • You move out of campus housing and withdraw from and discontinue enrollment as a student at the University of Arizona (and do not re-enroll at any time during the remainder of that academic year). Under these circumstances, you will be responsible for rent charges based on the dates of your occupancy plus a License Agreement release fee as described in section 10 of the License Agreement.
  • You move out of campus housing at the end of the fall semester to participate in a University-approved internship, study abroad or student exchange program that will 1) require you to reside outside the Tucson metropolitan area during the spring semester, or 2) result in you not being enrolled in spring semester classes at the University. Under these circumstances, you will need to provide the Housing Assignment Services office with a copy of official documentation showing your participation in such a program before the end of the fall semester and you will be responsible for fall semester charges only. No License Agreement release fee will be charged.
  • You graduate from the University of Arizona and move out of campus housing at the end of the fall semester. Under this circumstance, you will be responsible for fall semester charges only. No License Agreement release fee will be charged.

Contract Termination for Extraordinary Reasons

In rare cases after moving into campus housing, a student encounters an extreme, unforeseeable and uncontrollable problem that interferes with her/his ability to continue living in campus housing and for which Residence Life is not able to provide a reasonable solution/alternative within campus housing facilities. The nature of these problems is typically medical, psychological and/or financial.

All appeals to terminate a housing contract for reasons other than those described in the License Agreement must be submitted in writing for review by the Housing Contract Appeals Committee. This committee is made up primarily of faculty and staff from outside Residence Life. Contract appeals will be considered ONLY after you have sought assistance from your Community Director to resolve the problem, and all other, less extreme options have been exhausted – including transferring to a different room, room type, residence hall or apartment.

If you wish to submit an appeal, you must complete the License Agreement Appeal Form and submit that form along with supporting documentation to Housing Assignment Services. The supporting documentation required depends on the reason(s) for your appeal.

Documentation requirement for appeals based on:

A completed appeal should be submitted well prior to the date on which you would like to move out of campus housing.  Completed appeals received less than three weeks prior to the date you wish to move out may not be reviewed by that date. If you have already moved out of campus housing, your appeal will be accepted and reviewed only if it is received within 60 days of the day you moved out.

Hall/Room Transfer & Room Swap

A student has two options to change halls or rooms:

  1. Participate in the Room Swap program in My UAHome. You list your room and see if there is anyone who wants to ‘swap’ with you. Submitting a request doesn't guarantee anyone will be willing to swap with you. NOTE: We do not condone the auctioning or selling of rooms and will not swap students who participate in such activities.
  2. A student may request a transfer through My UAHome. As space opens up, Residence Life Housing Assignment Services staff will pull from this list after all temporary housing students have permanent spaces. This is typically available after Labor Day.
Current Campus Resident, Return Process

If you currently live in a hall and want to return to live on campus next academic year, we accept returner applications for a brief time. If you are considering returning to campus housing next fall, we encourage you to apply early. Click here for more information.